Friday, March 13, 2009

3g Iphone Over A Common Mobile Phone

What is so good about a 3G Phone, you would ask? You are a small businessman or woman, don’t have much in terms of assets and are quite happy with the performance of your mobile phone than why should you take a flashy phone – just to flaunt??

Well, apart from the sleek look and attractive features, there are a number of things which adds to the utility of 3G iPhone. Just take a look – by using HSDPA – High Speed Downlink Packet Access, a 3G iPhone gives faster access to internet which solves the E- mailing problem, especially where internet is required urgently. With the 3G iPhone you can simply talk and browse, move anywhere (the 3G iPhone has the advantage of giving connectivity via GSM for calls and EDGE for data in case there is no 3G network. The good thing about iPhone 3G is that you can surf the web, download e-mal, get directions and watch video, even while you are on call. That sounds good for your business, doesn’t it? And yes, you don’t need to be a computer geek to play with the key pad of a 3G iPhone.
With the touch screen things become easier, you can simply scroll down your contact list and call the contact, you can listen to iTunes, just as you listen to them in your iPod. You can look out for specific locations in the maps with the help of GPS, you can add your precious memories in the form of photos or can add photos of the specific locations for your business, and you can look out for weather, stocks, news but just clicking on the screen of the 3G iPhone. You can also read the newspaper even being in remote place. Its wider screen and font size changing features makes it easy to read the daily newspaper. With the 3G iPhone you can also talk while you surf or browse and that’s one of the best features of a 3G iPhone.

The faster accessibility, more added utility of mobile prices and a range of applications make it easy for you handle your business wherever you are in the world. For all those people who work in this materialistic world and often run out of time, a 3G iPhone is one of the best solutions.

For some though, a 3G iPhone might be a costly affair, but if you are a businessman then it’s worth the cause!! Get one today!


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