Saturday, March 14, 2009

Google Launches Its G1 Phone: Iphone Beware!

Google wants to open a new front in the land of the mobile telephones with the first that works with its “Android” software. Its greater attractive is the open code, which enormously lowers the costs to the manufacturers. This first device, known as the Google Phone, is a product of the Taiwanese HTC, wants to shade the Apple iPhone or the Blackberry in the land of the mobile communication. The popularity of the Google brand name and the benefits of the price of 199 dollars could be the keys.
The project is very ambitious and HTC has gained an enviable position next to Google in their jump to the mobile communications, a technological landmark that had been awaited for a long time. HTC has a great presence in the market and its models are very popular; although until this moment it had been in the shade in the West, manufacturing for other companies like Compaq or Palm.

One of every six smart phones sold in first half of this year in the United States was made by HTC although they did not use this name, according to the consultant Nielsen Mobile. Now, the Google Phone, known as the T-Mobile G1, could be its luxury business card. The head of HTC marketing explained on the comparisons with the sector giants like Apple or Research in Motion: “We are far from being there”. They face the problem of not having its own software to develop the mobile devices, as it does happen with iPhone or Blackberry. Until the moment, HTC mobiles have used different versions of Windows Mobile. HTC are the people in charge of the first “smart phone” based on Windows, the Orange SPV, which was distributed in Europe. On its part, Google does not make mobiles but web pages and online services.
The union of both companies took place two years ago, when they began thinking about the T-Mobile G1 or the Google Phone. So far T Mobile has the exclusivity being the G1 cell phone provider company.
Google wants that its “Android” software to become the standard within “smart phones”. The G1 could be the “Trojan horse”. For this reason it has enticed operators and manufacturers to join its side, using the nature of the open code of “Android”, which will enormously lower the price of the costs, as the main argument.

As far as the design of the G1 goes, it will follow the present canons, it has a tactile screen of great dimensions. In addition, it will incorporate a “touchpad” in the inferior part. The screen will slide to one side revealing a keyboard, equipping it with an aspect similar to the one of a small laptop. As far as navigation by Internet and the use of applications, it’s been thought and it optimized to use those of Google, like Google Maps, its search engine, YouTube or the electronic mail Gmail.

“Android” will also “borrow” ideas from the iPhone or Mobile Windows. For example, it will be possible to cut and paste text as in the Microsoft software and is developing a platform for content download similar to the AppStore, although in this case everything will be free. This will be called the Android Market.
To Google is today the leader of the market of internet advertising, with an income of 16,500 million dollars only in 2007. T-Mobile will profit from the device, not only with the sales, but also through its online partner company, that, with a service that allows to download content to the T-Mobile G1. Together with the telephone launch more than six million songs will be available.


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