Friday, March 13, 2009

Sgp Shield For Iphone

In a highly competitive clear body film manufacturing industry, SGP Corporation has firmly established itself by producing and marketing high quality iPod and iPhone shielding films at international level. In addition to that, the company also manufactures camera, laptop and phone shielding films. Market analysts have already rated the products from SGP quite highly and consider the company as an emerging leader in the industry.

SGP shield though performs functions similar to other rival products, but the real difference is in the quality of the film. The pack, apart from the film contains a bottle of application spray, a squeegee, additional tiny stickers to cover all the corners of the iPhone and an addition cloth specially meant for cleaning the surface. The product includes two sets of full shield. The soft skin shield protects the body part, and the optical enhancement hard-coated film protects the LCD screen part.
The major difference between SGP shield and other films is its unique high quality hard-coated LCD Protection film. The film is based on PET medium made in Japan, which has more than 95 percent of light transmission. This static cling-based clear screen protector is called Steinheil. It helps in better viewing due to its clean, anti UV, anti bubble and anti-rainbow properties. The special hard coating provides high durability and protects from scratches. The adhesive used is silicon based which is much better as compared to other acrylic based adhesives in other competing products.

Soft skin of SGP Shield is 30 percent thinner than similar products from other companies. From application’s point of view, this film is easier to apply than the thicker 3M material used by the other companies for rear stickers. Being relatively thin, it sticks much better on the curves than the others. Other features, like strength and settlement, are also superior to competing products. Moreover, SGP shield is easy to adhere or remove. Further, the four pieces on the second strip of the film are made to completely protect the bezel, while two circles are included to serve as home button covers, which are missing from the competing products.

In spite of being an extremely thin film, it has an incredible duration. It has an ability to resist yellowing and offers the highest level of abrasion resistance. The adhesive system has been designed to remove without adhesive transfer on the iPhone or the other devices. That keeps the iPhone neat even when film is removed.

SPG has aggressively moved into the market and has captured the imagination of the customers with its state of art, superior technology based products. The films are highly recommended for providing iPhone for complete protection of the device from scratches, dust and abrasions. In addition to that, the superior LCD film helps in improving the vision as compared to other products available in the market. The company site offers direct to customer dispatch and an option to choose protective films for other devices as well.


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