Friday, March 13, 2009

Whether To Get Imat Protection For Your Iphone

After a few months, is your iPhone starting to lose its attractive sleek appearance? Are you worried about getting it out in public because of the stares you might get? I know none of us mean to scratch our phones, but we can't help it. When you leave it in your handbag or in your pocket with the loose change it gets scratched. It might be time to get iMat protection for your iPhone.

We all have the invisible shields for the protection of the iPhone front surface. It does cause fewer scratches. Even if you have picked up the odd scratch or two here or there, when you put the shield on, it does make them disappear slightly. But the back gets scratched. He still seemed skeptical about the iMat. 'What about a case then?' I said. But he does not like cases. I know some people get along famously with them, but he is not one of those guys who drops things too much and doesn't need that stiff protection. He shrugged his shoulders: 'I just don't like them'. He said.

So, he had to do something! I talked him out of coloring the back in with a felt tip pen! And he can't quite afford the gold plating yet, so he finally agreed to buy an iMat. They are so cheap. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

Anyway, he showed me his phone later that week and it looked amazing. When he first got his iMat, I thought it didn't look like much, but it changes the whole thing. It grips onto the back of the phone very well and gives it that lovely new leather smell. The texture makes it easier to hold the phone as well.

The leather can be removed really easily if you change your mind. You can stick it to the back of the phone and it slightly covers the sides and corners. The leather is only a few millimeters thick so it does not detract from the original look and feel of the phone. It is a perfect solution to the scratching problem by adding an elegant accessory. You can make your iPhone look much better.


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