Thursday, March 12, 2009

Iphone Voip Functionality Trade-offs

The iPhone can use the internet through Wi-Fi technology, however there are some terms of service that state; customers are not allowed to use the 3G internet technology to access the Voice over IP calls.

A company named Global IP Solutions is planning to release a VoIP software development kit that will help in the creation of more simple VoIP programs and also add VoIP functionality to the already existing programs. For instance; playing games where the ghosts are other players strategizing in real time or additionally the iPhone is packed with a GPS-triangulated chat room this not only allows you to ask others where they are and if they would like to meet you up for a spontaneous date.

After the introduction to the market of the SDK iPhone, it raised a few future possibilities that the device can use the VoIP functionality, specifically according to Steve Jobs a specialist; if the application is not using the mobile carrier's network then it will be allowed. The SDK iPhone agreement to the stated is that if an application does require or that it will have access to the carrier network, then such an application will not have Voice over the Internet Protocol Calls. This means that if you want to have access to the VoIP over the carrier network, then you must apply to be given the authority to do so. If you are granted the authority then the said application does not use the cell network for anything.

Global IP Solutions is not the only company working on developing such ideas, but by offering a VoIP SDK to developers, it will make VoIP integration easier for the smaller developer who only has knowledge in one specific area.

The only problem is that these VoIP functions are within some specified terms of service and that all the resulting applications will still need to be approved. If manufacturers get paranoid about VoIP competition then we will definitely see that there is a lot that they will produce that can attract the customers.

According to analysts at vision gain, the release of apple branded iPod mobile phones is inevitable and that it is logical. It is believed that apple products are embracing technological advancements and at a faster rate too. The analysts believe that apple products are opening business in virtual mobile phones network operator and also hiring bandwidth from existing network operators. The above findings are contained in vision gain's report.

The report further looks at the failed partnership and Motorola which the analysts called the lowest common thing that compromised the strength of Apple.

Also predictable by analysts is that Apple will embrace mobile fully and thus it will directly pose a threat to the mobile industry as a virtual network and also a mobile handset manufacturer. It also is reiterated that the soon to be launched United States of America network, Helio is another entry point for the iPhone.

It is believed that it is possible that Apple will add Voice over Internet Protocol calls and this is a threat to the already existing companies.


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