Thursday, March 5, 2009

Apple rejects South Park iPhone App

Although Steve Jobs hasn't killed Kenny (yet!), his company, Apple, has killed the idea of a South Park iPhone app due to "potentially offensive" material. Of course, the iTunes store has no problem selling Seasons 1-12 of the animated show uncensored, as well as the South Park movie, which boasts a Guinness Book record for most uses of profanity in an animated movie with a total of 399 profane words and 199 offensive gestures.

This isn't the first app to be rejected by Apple based on its loose and indefinable standards of impropriety. According to PC World, the iPhone "currently sells 50 flatulence or flatulence-related apps" and in "just one day last December, Apple approved 14 such apps." In addition to its assortment of fart apps, there's iVomit, Zit Picker, Burp Box and many other apparently inoffensive bodily function apps.

There is also a list of the top 10 rejections from Apple. Many of the apps on the list are political in nature, but hardly seem overly offensive. One was a countdown clock until the end of the Bush administration, and one involved bouncing politicians on a trampoline to pop balloons. Other apps that got the boot involved violence, but no more violence than existing apps provided.

Finally, some (and by "some," we mean, "some random commenters on Digg," so maybe take this with a grain of salt) are saying that the reason for the rejection of South Park's app isn't because of objectionable content, but rather because it would give iPhone users free access to content from which Apple would otherwise get a cut. Perhaps a wag of the finger is in order?


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