Friday, March 13, 2009

Apple Iphone Gps Review

The first thing I’d like to talk about briefly is the GPS System. The new iPhone now offers it ... good luck getting lost.

Honestly, what do you think? Can this state of the art cell phone replace a complete navigation system? That'd be way cool but here's what I notice about it.

1.) The GPS navigation is running off Google Maps. That isn't at all a bad thing, because I happen to like Google Maps. If you want to update the maps, you'll need either Wi-Fi or Data Service.

2.) The GPS happens to work without a network connection and it caches your information. Basically, cache means that the information you're viewing is being duplicated and stored elsewhere. Therefore, the data is retrievable. For example, I'm in Chicago, I bring up a map. I look at stuff. I close the map, re-open ... BAM! All the stuff I looked previously is still there if I need it. It really saves time and headaches in certain situations.

3.) Take out your navigation system and have it lock on your location. How long does it take? Answer? To long ... The Apple iPhone takes what seems to be a few seconds. Re-read what I just said. It only takes a few seconds...

4.) Okay, it can't be 100% perfect, so I’ll go on and get the bad point out of the way. It does not automatically re-route you if you miss your exit. So ... it just assumes we're all paying attention all the time.

5.) This GPS system shows your traffic information. Yes, I really just said that. It shows traffic information. Okay ... it only shows what's going on with the highways and it isn't real time. But still ... That flippin' rox my sox.

Okay, that’s all I’m rambling about with that. Does it talk to you? Nah. But what good is that? Remember that State Farm commercial where the guy is driving his car and clearly enjoying his day. The navigation says, "Turn left, then you have reached your destination" ... where did he end up? Inside a coffee shop. His car, in a coffee shop. Hahaha! That's funny stuff.

Bottom line. This is an impressive GPS system but I wouldn't opt my in car GPS out for it. The maps are up to date which is hardcore, but if caching mode is off, then you do need a network connection. So, leave it on.


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